Sunday, February 2, 2014

Flowers Everywhere Along With the Scent of Gardenias!

Flowers were everywhere in Tahiti.  Our tour buses were decorated with flowers, the glass bottom boats, the breakfast buffet, the hotel lobby counters, tables where they were selling jewelry, most women's hair and even a bathroom vanity in a hotel! 
glass bottom boat decorated with palm branches

our tour bus with flowers in front window

these were everywhere and given to us several times, they were a type of gardenia

Many times we were given a flower to wear behind our ear, and I was even given a flower crown on one of the islands.  The girl that gave it to me said she liked to give it to those who wouldn't be ashamed to wear them.  I liked to wear the flower crowns since my hair did not do well in the humidity!   And they smelled sooooo good!
she gave me a flower crown like the one she has on
So many flower pictures . . . had to pick just some of my favorites. And the best part was that if you wanted to buy flowers they were very inexpensive!!  Here, you can pay $10 per gardenia bloom (we did for my wedding bouquet) but in Tahiti, we bought a whole bunch for $8!!   Leis and flower crowns were only $5!

LOVED THIS in a bathroom in Bora Bora


Anonymous said...

I guess when I'm snowed in tomorrow I can look at these pictures and dream of warmer weather.


Cindy K said...

These pics should help Jim! Sounds like you're having lots of ice and snow! At least the mayor is saying stay home!