Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tahiti Cruise - Ocean Princess

This blog post shows you the cruise ship (Ocean Princess) we were on and our cabin.  I don't have any good close up pictures of the ship.  On most of the islands, we had to "park" out in deeper water and take the small tender boats to the islands.   Our cabin was on Deck 6 which is the same one that the you see the tenders hanging from in the second picture.

The rest are pictures of our cabin.  We had a balcony which was really nice.  Most days we would be coming in to a new island about the time we were getting up so it was nice to open up the sliding door and go in and out to see the new island and scenery as we were arriving while getting ready for the day.  Same way in the evenings, we left islands around 5:00 so we were leaving as we were getting ready for dinner.  Our seating was at 6:00. 

desk with mirror
balcony with 2 chairs & table
door to hallway with bathroom on right and closet, refrig., safe on left

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