Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tahitian Dancers !

Back when I was 5 I think, my parents went to Hawaii for a Dairy Queen convention.  They brought back for me a little Hawaiian doll in a box and she was wearing a grass skirt.  They also had videos of the dancing at a luau they went to.   So when Bill and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon, getting to finally see a luau in person was a highlight for me.  

The first night on board the Ocean Princess, still docked at Papeete, Tahiti, the local dancers put on a long show for us with several costume changes!  Loved it!   This one was inside on stage in the lounge.

At every island where we would get off the tender, there was always a little group playing local music and usually a couple of girls in costume dancing.

at the dock at one of the islands
One of the last nights on the ship, dancers from the island of Raiatea performed on the upper deck also changing costumes and there were even little ones dancing!  These Tahitian dances were my favorite part of the trip, along with the beautiful water and scenery!

This guy was very good, full of energy and always smiling so I wanted to have my picture taken with him.   See all the sweat?!
They sold these beautiful and fragrant (gardenias!) flower crowns before the show - for only $5!  Mom got a lei and I bought a crown (good for bad hair days!).



Anonymous said...

Ask Cindy if there are any videos of her dancing. Rumor is that she was dancing on the boat.

Neal said...

We saw Tahitian dancers when we were in Hawaii many year ago. I think they have special joints in their bodies to move like that. I love their lively music. Did you try their dance? That guy you had your picture with was kinda cute!! Great pictures!