Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not So Cute

It's always a battle here to keep animals from eating plants, flowers, trees and sweet corn.  This summer I've had a beautiful pot of impatiens on our back deck but a few days ago woke up to this!
And the next day this!  Even after sprinkling cayenne pepper on and around it as had been suggested by master gardeners.  Bill thought "they" would probably be knocking on our door next asking for a little salt and mayo! 

I really didn't want my flowers trimmed all around like this!!  At the same time, some flowers in the front I planted in a pair of Bill's old boots were being nibbled on.  One evening I saw the culprit - a small bunny.  The last straw was half of a new shasta daisy being eaten a couple days after I planted it.  This was the third year I've tried to get one of those going!  

Bill had to put chicken wire cages around all of our new grove trees to keep deer from tearing them up while we're trying to get them going so I asked him yesterday if he could put something around the daisy.  Notice I also moved a pot with a scrawny basil plant near it.  Someone had said they don't like the smell of basil.
This morning I looked out and the bunny was INSIDE this chicken wire!  (why didn't I take a picture!)   I woke Bill up, and the bunny is no longer with us!! 


Anonymous said...

Did the bunny meet the same fate as some prairie dogs are going to meet when Bill goes prairie dog hunting?

Anonymous said...

I'm calling PETA! :)